Sunday, March 9, 2014

Abalone Bibimbap in Myeong Dong

Bibimbap sounds normal to you maybe 
Have you heard of abalone bibimbap? 
We heard there is a restaurant famous of this so we went to have this as our brunch
Side dishes are pretty ordinary
Here comes our abalone bibimbap !!!
Haha, it's just abalone with normal bibimbap.
One normal bibimbap. 

Nothing special .

Just in case you want to try,
It is located at Myeong Dong Seoul. 


Reggae Mansion Penang

If you are looking for a place for western dinner in Penang maybe you could try Reggae Mansion
Nice environment reasonable price
Set dinner is available but the staff wasnt so keen to introduce their set dinner I don't know why
We had the wild mushroom soup to start
It was so watery. Not creamy at all
I dont quite like it but still its acceptable
Smoked salmon fettuccine
Not creamy enough
Pretty ordinary
Aglio olio
Heard they said its spicy but tasty
Mushroom Burschetta 
Cheesy and yummy 
but a little bit salty lol
Deep fried chicken wing
Pretty ordinary 

Its worth to dine here for their cheap and quality food 
But do not expect too good service and my aunt 
who went here on separate time faced the same issue as me
The waiter was serving the wrong food 
Not too good customer service when I asked them to introduce the set dinner

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paris Baguette Seoul station

I am missing seoul in the middle of the night. Just found out these photos in my file so I will write a post on a bakery at Seoul Station. Are you a bread lover ??!!
Awwww the lollipop was so lovely
Nothing much I wanna write for this post, just feel like sharing the pictures with bread lovers like me. 

Do you have more nice korean bakery to share ?

Kaffa Espresso Bar at Penang International Airport

If you are wondering where to spend ur time at Penang airport , besides the usual McDonald, KFC and Secret Recipe, they now have tutti fruitti and O'Briens sandwich bar and also kaffa espresso bar 
I went their for breakfast while waiting for the parents
The hot lemon tea wasnt that good but the homemade lemonade is good in hot or cold

The mashed potato was good even though it serves without gravy

Salted caramel machiato
Served in very good appearance
According to sissy it was quite good 

Here comes my fav dish
Creamy scrambled egg
Perfectly scrambled egg made my day
It was simply awesome 
I wasn't full enough then we ordered another grilled chicken sandwich

It comes with another mashed potato and a little bit of vege as side
Yummy and filling
Once I had dinner there with the buddy,
Creamy chicken spegathi was soo good !!
The friend had mushroom spegathi which I was absolutely attracted by the egg.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gala House at Muntri Street

After we been to Ernest's
Art is Rubbish is Art exhibition, 
we randomly found a cafe for afternoon tea. 

Have seen quite a lot of people tag About Gala House 
Its not hard to find,it was previously known as 
"Soul Kitchen" 

But, Im quite impressed by their menu 
what shocked me is that they have kimchi salmon spegathi

Auntie has tried the Aglio Olio 
Pretty Normal 
Red Velvet Cake
Yummy !!

Their house salad with smoked salmon was AWESOME!!!
Its a must if you are a big fan for salad 
Come to their beverages, this named "Apple Pie" 
suits very well to those who has a sweet tooth

WE have also ordered matcha latte and cranberry juice 
Not bad 

Not bad 
Its worth to give it a try 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brown Pocket at Gurney Paragon

I am a big fan of waffle but I couldn't find a waffle taste like what I had in melbourne and seoul. 
A random Sunday, we randomly find a place, sit down and relax. 

We have choosen Brown Pockets 
And I was really impressed by their waffles.
Triple chocolate is the most popular dish I suppose this is because of their appearance
To me,
Waffle is awesome when it comes with whipped cream and strawberry
Buddies ordered a mocha and latte 
It was served in a very cute cup.
Nowadays appearance of food mean so many to a consumer
Environment is good as it is spacious and creatively
Lastly,Affogato ordered by baby
Lol that fellow put on white chocolate sau e into it 

Brown pocket is a must try !!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Northam Beach Cafe

If you are a tourist and looking for good street food with nice environment 
Please pay Northam Beach Cafe a visit

Northam Beach Cafe is always my favorite food court. 
Even though they price a little bit higher than others 
BUT a lot of good food available there!
I don't know what is this called in English
but I can explain it is something like chili paste stir fry with with 4 kinds of vegetable.
which is so awesome 
It goes so well with rice! 
But no everyone is serving this good. 
As far as I know, Northam Beach and Ah Keat Seafood both are good. 
Asam Laksa !!!!! It has the whole fish fillet on top of laksa 
which we rarely see this in Penang 
But I dont quite like this. 
Fried Oyster in Northam Beach is the best I ever had. 
Their fresh and juicy oyster 
Ahhhh...So nice !

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mizi Bistro at New World Park

I usually won'y update blog on the spot 
This is because I bring along my camera today 
Look at the quality of my camera
It's awesome !!! 

Alright back to the topic, we drove around in Penang and it was so pack today
everywhere ...
Wanted to find a cafe but we really didnt want to stuck in the heavy traffic anymore !

Mizi Bistro, I've heard about this place quite a few times 
and finally get to try it
Set lunch is available !!! only RM25 with 
a soup,main course,drinks and free flow ice-cream
And please see below photos to know why its so worthy
 Some baguette to start with
Have to give them a like for their super fast service  
 and then we have this fresh pumpkin soup
It was so rich so I couldnt had much 
 Cajun Fish - egg with fish,eggplant,carrot,broccoli 
Quite delicious 
 Chicken Lasagna 
quite special to me so it doesnt look like the others
Appear in rectangular size

I had chicken parmigiana
As I couldnt make a choice between pasta and chicken 
But deep in my heart I was craving for fish...
 My lovely grandma had this
i don't know what is the name but I know it comes with apples inside the chicken 
sound unique?
Only this appear to me normal as other main course
appear to be giant size 
I didnt manage to finish the whole dish so I took away the whole 
piece of fried chicken 
 Lastly, force myself to have 2 scoops of ice-cream.....

RM106 for 4 of us.
I reckon this is reasonable 

Don't you think so ?