Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Oh My lovely Melbourne
It's good to see the sunshine
almost everyday .
Auction Rooms on Urbanspoon
Okay, I woke up the sister early in the morning
(8am if im not mistaken)
for breakfast !!!!
Oh, we actually walked there from our house
A big claps to Casey and Me

Okay, after a 20 mins walk,
here we are Auction Room !

the signature icon huh
I read the blog posts and many of them
had this picture

Started the beautiful with ice chocolate
silly me =.=
Ah Chuang had cuppacino if im not mistaken

As I said before,
I appreciate the coffee made by heart <3

While waiting for the meal, took the
opportunity to take some photos
due to my laziness, I am not going to upload them all.

The opening Bid
Is actually like Big Breakfast

Salmon whatever,
strongly recommended for salmon lovers
It was actually salmon potato crumb cover with
slices of smoked salmon.
match perfectly with the tartar sauce salad
( i really dunno what is that called)

Since that day i got a bad habit
A sweet side for every of my meal
especially breakfast !

Banana and walnut bread with espresso butter
reasonable price with awesome taste !
Simple and Nice !

In short,
I had really great dining experience in Auctions Room
and strongly recommend this cafe to
people who has passion with food !!!

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