Sunday, August 28, 2011

Axil Coffee Roaster and Shocolate

I wonder why Melbourne's weather
is so good these few weeks

Okay, woke up early in the morning
wore like summer today
(of course i did bring my jacket)

went Glen Ferie for breakfast today
It's actually hawthorn I guess
whatever !
Axil Coffee Roaster

started the day with soy latte and cuppacino
I love their soy latte
but sister seems like doesnt like it

Corn fritters with avocado and poach egg and spinach
perfect combination for me
as i love avocado, eggs, spinach and corns !

Egg Benedict
poach egg on bagel 
I wonder why there's no greens stuff

Erm, Axil Coffee Roasters

I love this pic and I don't mind if you want to call me
Aunty Lim

Icon for Glen Ferie
(my personal thought)

After Bridge Road, went Brunswick street for shopping !
Dangerfield, you filled half of my wardrobe

Later on,
Shocolate on Urbanspoon
Dark Chocolate and Iced Coffee
Both taste good

I'm busy !

Exhausted !

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