Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain of Industry !

Wanted to go MP originally
as my sister intended to bring her
friend to have some coffee

It was closed on Sunday so 
we just browse around seeking for breakfast
Here we go Captains of Industry 
I've read a lot of review but never been there before
FINALLY ......
Captains of Industry on Urbanspoon
 I edited these pictures
coz i think they look nicer in sort of like 
vintage style 
Just my thought anyway 

 It was Sunday morning like 9 ish
I reckon it was kinda quiet at that hour 
Rarely to have ppl come out for 
breakfast that early huh ??

Anyway, i had to attend a wedding ceremony an hour 
later so just decided to have a quick breakfast
and leave
I ordered a brulee where the waitress said 
it needs only mayb 5 mins to prepare
After all I had a long wait 
and it actually served after all these 
savory breakfast....Grrrrrrrrrrrr !
Garlic sauteed mushroom on toast
Somerset Breakfast 
 my brulee was actually 
caramelised grapefruit

Overall everything is good 
a good place to chill 
( in fact i was actually in a rush ) lol

I will rank a 3.5 out of 5 for their coffee

I love this picture !

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