Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chez Dre

Chez Dré on Urbanspoon

They served
nice coffee,
nice macaroons and perfect croissant !

I planned before I actually visited this place
But it was harder to find than I thought
Casey's expression was trying to say
" How I gonna eat this "
I knew it

Just one full page for breakfast menu
but still
they served awesome breakfast

since when ? We love coffee

Orange vs Vanilla
Niceeey !

I have to say
My scrambled egg with croissant
was freaking awesome !

Breakfast platter
if im not mistaken it cost $18.95
( not too sure) 

The $9.50 scrambled egg croissant ...lovely !
We went on weekday so it was
like kinda quiet

Didn't get to take nice photo i know
sighhhhhhh !

B for bread and breakfast
lame -.-

Is this the main entrance ?

School startsss !
Time flies during holiday
erm, i had a meeting on Thursday
and I totally forgot !!!
Luckily my group mates are good enough
Thanks Miss Yanan !!!!

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