Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cumulus Inc

Cumulus Inc
It's so near to my gym place 
but i didn't realize it until i read some food blogs
Those good comments motivated me to
give it a try 
Melbournian, it was a sunny Saturday huh ?
 As usual, a flat white and a cuppaccino
 I was sitting at the marble bar 
right in front the kitchen 
 guess what ,
it made me feel like 
i wanted to try everything on the menu !
 After a dilemma 
I choose to have baked eggs and the 
sister had ham sandwich  
I am quite satisfied with my baked eggs
but it would be the best
 if it comes with sausage
(heehee, sometimes im a meat lover) 
 The portion ain't big tho 
 and that's why we got to fill 
our stomach with these lovely 
lemon curd 
( correct me if I'm wrong) 
They are all freshly baked 
Thumbs up !
It cost $2.50 each 

I went there kinda early 
like 8ish and 
it was not too busy at that time
weekend maybe

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