Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hardware Societe----lurve it

I hate the day 
when i wake up i see no sunshine 

Due to the cold weather 
I just didn't feel like going too far 
I always heard about hardware Societe 
but never been there before

It is just 15 mins walk from my house 
and I think that was probably the best choice
for today

Maybe I was early that's why I
managed to get a table at the bar
 Started my day with a cup of Flat White
Nice coffee I would say 
 I thought it was brown sugar at the beginning
but after a while only i found out 
it was actually mini doughnut
LMAO,i even ask the sista to put it into the coffee
Cute though and silly me 
 Flat White for me and 
Cuppacino for sister 
They do not emphasize on coffee art much
 Lotsa lollis above my head
The environment is nice 
but it was decorated with warm yellow lights
once again I apologize for my
low quality photos.
 I was sitting at the bar 
which was right beside the bakery 
Yessssssh ! 

 The Continental $14.90
I love the thing in the yellow box
guess what is in there!
for your information 
Vily loves cream, butter and custurd
 I had omelette 
with goat cheese, spinach ( i guess) and musshies
 Both taste good 
I would like to comment on their yogurt
it was nice and make me feel like 
homestyle yogurt
Yumm ^^
 They offer a lot of egg based breakfast
my sister said
However, the butter amazed me 
nothing special but the way they served it 
Am i too excited ? lol 
Oh ya, Croissant was nice too 

 I was too full to have the banana bread
will definitely come for the next time
for banana bread
Hope it wont disappoint me

they put on clothes to the teapots
Cute man ! 

i left once we are done
as many people were waiting outside
Also, I have to do my decision making thing 
ahhhhh, torturing !
whoever after a breakfast in Melbourne CBD
I would recommend Hardware Societe
As its name, it is located at hardware Street 
opposite Eat Drink Bento 

The Hardware Societe on Urbanspoon

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