Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mart 130

I blogged about this place before 
But I didn't make it clear
My last visit was with Honeydew
It's name Mart 130 and located at Middle Park tram stop 
You can reach their door step by catching 
tram 96 

I remember that day was the 
last day for holidaysss
Anyway, I spent a great morning with the 
cutie friendssss
Mart All $ 17.90 
You have another three options to choose 
if you don't like smoked salmon 

Coming up next , corn fritters
It reminds me of Honeydew again 
When we went St Ali she ordered corn fritters
At the end it turned out to be 
full of corn 
Hahahahah , LMAO !
A sweet breakfast 
French Toast 
I chosen the sweet instead of the savory one 
I love the vanilla thing on top 
I dunno what is the cream like object called 
I had iced coffee that morning
and I think this belongs to Vivi
Mart 130 on Urbanspoon
Movie session at night 
Final Destination 5
The worst decision that I ever made 

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