Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It actually happened on the same day
as my previous post
After we came back from the South ,
we hang around in the city
as I don't feel like going back that early
Or i should say I was trying to run away from
my Auditing Assignment

Decided to go MP as I love the coffee there
Desired for a cold drink unfortunately they
didn't have what we want
That's fine, another coffee then

The environment was kinda good
except it was a little bit too busy
than I can accept.
Previously I always go with a right timing
The menu was special although there was
only limited choices

Due to the noisy environment
we could take photo like nobody's beside us
my phone just can't shut the capture tone
I dislike that !

The strawberry tart that i always want to try
Finally i tried it and
what I can say is just
Yummyyyyy !!!!
It matched perfectly with the cream

I really lazy to rotate the photo

The coffee art was the most unique one
that i ever seen so far
Good skill !

some random photos

Just in case any of you want a cup
of smooth and nice coffee
MP is located at Little Bourke Street
Which is also few steps away from
restaurant well known with its pizza 

Manchester Press on Urbanspoon

It's 5.26am now
Good night to those in m'sia
Good morning to those in Aussie

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