Friday, October 28, 2011

Renzo@ Dockland

Before I went into this critical 
I woke up at nearly 5am everyday 
Done my workout then met
my dearly friends for study purpose
Renzo's Bar Cafe Italiano on Urbanspoon
Tuesday evening, 
If Im not mistaken , Casey and Me went Dockland
That was the first time she been there 
 Rashberry soda or whatever 
I couldn't remember
But since when I will hav a glass of wine or bubbly 
with my meal ?
I assume this is good for my heart

 Pork Belly 
Not Bad tho, I love the mashed potato 
 My Salmon wasn't too good
Overall still fine. 
Later on dessert time, Chuang's hazelnut pizza 
and my tiramisu 
As Renzo is an Itialian restaurant
but the tiramisu didn't impress me. 

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