Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rainny day and "Unique" experience

I wanted to bring my friend to a cafe 
who knows i gave her very shock experience 
My apologize =.=

Anyway, it was yesterday morning actually 
we both went St Ali
I reckon their coffee is nice 
and coincidentally I was craving for corn fritters
as well 
Hence, we both had the secret recipe corn fritters

 Great Coffee ^^
 iced chocolate 

 Okay, back to the corn fritters story 
my friend's sharp eye realized a moving "creatures" in 
the salmon, we were shock and 
informed the waitress 
well, she had nice attitude but 
perhaps she didn't see that and trying to explain 
that was just herbs after replacing the salmon 
( as it was additional side my friend added on )
we both know herbs won't move 

Overall, it was a shocking experience.
Also, i prefer the common recipe types of corn fritters 
I Miss Axil's coffee corn fritters anyway.
St Ali on Urbanspoon
It's Crown Oaks Day ,
what a wonderful day 
My first experience to the horse racing event 
and it was fantastic.

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