Monday, November 7, 2011

Tyranny of Distance

Hi people 
I'm back 
Melbournian knows it was a really warm 
on last Saturday 
Put on a slipper and shorts 
Headed to Chapel St for breakfast
It wasn't early actually, was like about 10am 
We went Tyranny of Distance 
 It was kinda quite and 
i believe that was because still 
early and we had Emirates day ( do i get it right?)
In short, Melbourne was really happening that day
 I kinda like their interior 

 Do u think this is a cup of hot chocolate ?
Nahhhh, ure wrong !
It's Mocha , LOL
 Read carefully 
It's Chilli scrambled Egg on their house made flat bread 
Omg ! Flatbread to die for ~

Coming up next,
my friend and me we both had Tyranny stack of potato rosti
Another perfect dish

 The portion is kinda big i would say
But we still headed to B&P sweet studio 
for some takeaway cakes
Will have a special edition for cake soon 
Stay Tuned !
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