Saturday, March 24, 2012

65 degree at Exhibition Street

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Hi Melbourne, hows it going ? 
All Good ? LOL 
 Before Im back to Msia 
went 65 degree at Exhibition Street 
for brunch and of course 
had a cup of coffee as 
my source of energy for the day
 Since when Im in love with soy latte 
anyhow I still love Flat white 
Aha !
 Vanilla slice - creamy, sweet, TASTY !
but the sista really hates creamy stuffs 
 She took it as seriously tough mission
to finish the whole slice 
Of course, I helped.

 These salad and banquete looks so yummy !!!
But I used to have heavy breakfast 
so as usual, I had corn fritters. 
Kinda like it because we got to choose 
our own sides--up to 3 sides if im not mistaken. 
 This cafe has really narrow space 
but I still love their food. 
Will definitely go back if I have a chance. 
Have a good day everyone. 

Im having holiday in the city 

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