Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Moat @ State Library

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 This cafe is quite new 
Im not sure to say it as a cafe 
or a restaurant 
They served breakfast, lunch and dinner.
A random morning I popped in 
and had a bircher muesli 
it taste great ! ( my point of view) 
I was so in a mood for bircher for the last few days 

Had a soy latte
Pretty average coffee.
 I went there at about 9 ish in the morning 
It was really quiet and 
the services worth for a praise 
 Nothing much I can talk about this cafe
but the exterior is nicely decorated
and that's why I was attracted.
 Here comes my bircher, 
If im not mistaken, it price at $10 or 10.50 
 newspapers are available
it was kinda relaxing to have breakfast
and have a little bit of reading
at this cozy place. 

I guess this was two days before I left 
FInally went my lovely Commercial Bakery for
a quick shot. 
I have no idea why I always 
want to try their coffee and pastries badly 
I will be back in one day .

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