Saturday, April 14, 2012

The mess hall at Bourke Street

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One random sunny afternoon we decided to have
lunch together 
but at that moment, we weren't craving for any 
chi food. So.....
Let's have some aussie lunch . 
The Mess Hall is the only place I thought of 
which is so near to our uni.
Its Italian food instead I guess 
Anyway,the bun's boy was with us as well.
 I had this 
Pork belly 
The picture might look small 
but in fact the portion is a little bit too big for me 
but it was nice. 

 Joey had this 
Orecchiette . We read from some review 
and it was sort of like a signature dish of theirs. 

Yang had salmon pizza.
Didnt take the photo because 
I was too busy to eat at that time 
 Afternoon coffee
we both had latte
pretty average coffee I think.
That was my last lunch date with you girls 
Miss you guys till the MAX. 

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