Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peking Duck in Melbourne China Town

A random snap of an alley at Melbourne China Town 
Out of a sudden we were craving for Chinese Food 
Dinner for three at Da Hu Peking Duck restaurant 
We had this stir fry kangaroo meat
It wasnt too nice 
I guess this would be my second also the last time 
to eat kangaroo meat

They are too adorable to eat !!!!!!! 
We had a Hong Kong Kai Lan 
Simple dish 
nice though
Finally my main crave
Peking Duck 
I heard of Old Kingdom but I was so lazy to go out of the city 
that night\
Hence I gave this a try
Oppppsss, I forgot to keep the duck's photo 
but their peking duck is pretty average. 
Slices are not thin enough but sauce was OK 

Night view of Melbourne China Town 


Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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