Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simply Spanish @ South Melbourne

Are you looking for good spanish food in Melbourne? 
Are you looking for the flavourful paella ? 

Thanks to Vivian I got to know this awesome restaurant 
It is located at South Melbourne market 
named Simply Spanish 

Aiksss, started with the sweets
Their churro wasnt so good but it was alright 
It depends on what kind of texture you like 
I prefer a crispy one so this is not my cup of tea
Chocolate dip goes perfectly with churro 
I've been to this restaurant quite a few times 
Pretty average customer service

Anyway, this was the one with my lil brother and sister 
We had tapas like mushroom 
It was so creamy 
This was OK but nothing special
My brother love the creamy taste though
Grilled shrimp in chilli oil 
It was OK but 
still no one could beat MAMASITA's grilled prawn 
The girl who brought me to this place
Thanks again Vi ! 
This is how it looks like 
I quite like this 
But I couldn't remember the name of this dish 
Finally , 
The Big Pan Paella 
It was simply awesome !!!!

This has become my MUST GO place in Melbourne now

During my last visit I decided to give their breakfast a try 
It was so yummy !!!!

Stay Tuned. 

Stay Happy Everyone !

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