Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dinner at bIG mAmA, Swanston Street

Hi all,
It's Saturday 
Finally I have time to sit down and manage my blog
Big Mama on Urbanspoon
Couple of weeks ago 
Honeydew, the lovely sister and me went 
Big MaMa for some Korean treats
I probably blogged about this before 
But ....still....Their authentic and flavourful Korean food
once again impressed my tongue 
The tibits 
Im not sure this word is right but If you are a fan of Korean 
food, you should know Korean cuisine always have
some complimentary starter before the meal been served.
Different Korean restaurant serve different starter 
some are just so innovative made me can't stop refilling them
It was dinner time so it was crowded as usual 
But the restaurant isn't too big so I feel like a little bit too noisy 
when it's full. 
OMG, I look so old and pale in this photo 
Bibimbap, my honeydew love this like nobody's business
It wasn't been served in hot stone pot but an ordinary steel bowl
When you stir all the ingredients with the korean chilli paste
This bowl of rice taste incredibly good
and it looks healthy
Juicy egg yolk is the main character of this dish 
Casey and Honeydew
This restaurant serves both Korean food and Japanese food 
Their Agedashi Tofu was nice
It's MUST EAT thing for my every visit 
as well as the takoyaki 
The little octopus ball is my all time favorite
I guess I love the mayo on top of the fried tofu
To me, three restaurant serve very nice takoyaki 
They are : Darac, Big Mama and the Jap. food restaurant at QV
Their kimchi is quite good 
My favorite kimchi brand is Wellbeing 
Korean Seafood spicy soup
Quite nice. But I prefer the one at white tomato 

That's all for today 
Looking for nice Korean food in Melbourne city 
Let's try Big MaMa 

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